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Kill nicotine cravings with Champix

Remember the time when you desperately wanted a puff of cigarette and didn't want to get one because you were trying to quit. Nicotine craving is a biggest hurdle if you are someone looking to quit smoking. To understand the nicotine cravings, it is necessary to understand the nicotine's effect on your body.

Facts about nicotine addiction

Nicotine is so powerful that it changes the structure and function of the brain. You get a feeling of pleasure as there is a release of dopamine in the brain with each puff of cigarette. After some time, your brain craves for more nicotine to reach the same level of relaxation and pleasure. If you stop providing nicotine to the brain, you feel desperate cravings which are beyond your willpower to control. Nicotine affects other parts of the body also. It hinders the release of insulin from the pancreas resulting in high blood sugar. You feel a decline in your appetite as there is increased glucose level in the blood already. Nicotine also releases adrenaline which results in shallow breathing and racing heartbeats. Nicotine impairs men's health, for better use http://limecompany.com/alpha-boost-reviews.html.

Most smoking-cessation medications are based on nicotine replacement therapy that substitutes one source of nicotine for another. About 80% of smokers trying to quit, relapse within a year.


This is where Champix comes into the picture. This drug helps you to quit smoking without worrying about the headache and anger that usually follows smoking cessation. Champix attaches itself to the nicotine receptors in the brain and works like nicotine, helping you to quit smoking without missing the feel of nicotine. As your brain thinks that it is getting its usual dose of nicotine, you won't have to face nasty cravings and withdrawal symptoms. If you really wish to quit smoking and want to take Champix, it is advisable that you change your lifestyle and learn some behaviour modification techniques that will help you to quit for good.